About us


MD Musical Accessories is a “one of a kind” reality in the field of show technologies and professional audio/video accessories business. Since 1989 we project, plan, manufacture and assemble exclusively in our own factory, using utmost modern techniques of laser cut and CNC welding, ensuring the highest possible quality standards.
At MD we manufacture a number of different products and accessories dedicated to entertainment, show technologies, concerts, public address, video and musical instruments.
We guarantee our products to provide for the highest functionality in any condition of use, as we constantly add product updates, thanks also to the feedback we directly receive from our end users.
Strong point distinguishing MD from any manufacturer in far east is the ability to quickly answer to custom special requests. 
We systematically use simulation softwares which give us maximum flexibility and constant performance level, while extreme care for details, materials, dimensioning, finishes, contributes to enrich our products from both cosmetic and perceived quality points of view, favouring their integration in any application, from amateur to high pro levels. The high automation level achieved in our manufacturing phases allows MD to present itself to the market with a strong price/quality point.
Quality is made of details... and details are often not immediately visible.
When comparing products please take a look at the things that just a glance can't show. MD products got a perfect components balance to last for years without problems. Your customers can be sure that in some year they will find MD products in the same working conditions as brand new.
At MD we are proud to sell our totally Made in Italy products with ZERO DEFECTIVE RETURNS.
Customer satisfaction in one of our key points... With MD you can rely on:
- Fast deliveries:
extremely flexible and fast production.
- Custom orders:
products with specific features needed for particular installations or uses. We are available and ready to study your ideas or requests and quickly turn them into products.
- Special packages:
Accessories are made of metal, heavier than other products. That's why we study and develop our products thinking how to save space when packaged. This will bring you a substantial money saving on transportation.
Headquarter and production facility (3.000 square m / 32.000 square ft) are located since year 2002 in the modern industrial complex of Piane di Sant'Andrea - ATRI (Teramo).
On a close by 10.000 square m (108.000 square ft) building land, a new, high technology 13.000 square m /140.000 square ft facility, on three floors, is now under construction.
Besides distinguishing for its particular sensitivity toward environment, MD shows a serious commitment for a sustainable development, topic of present times and of growing interest around the world.